From 4th: 2019 books (pt2)

• Jan 4, 2019 •

2019 sees the release of some brilliant books from 4th Estate – all which we are sure you will absolutely love. Here are just a few that the 4th Estate team are particularly looking forward to, and ones that should be added to your TBR pile right away.

“I’m most looking forward to How to Lose a Country by Ece Temelkuran. Ece is a Rockstar – she is Turkey’s most-read political commentator and has more twitter followers than Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May combined. She’s written a searing account of how insidiously democracy can sink into dictatorship, like the drip drip creep of a horror movie plot, which freaked me out whilst simultaneously offering a calm clarity to counter the ravages of the encroaching fascism of our time.” Out on 7th February.
Tara, Senior Marketing Manager

“Sofie Hagen’s writing in Happy Fat is so incredibly funny, you almost forget what an important, timely discussion she’s starting.” Out on 2nd May.
Fran, Project Editor

“I am really looking forward to Marilyn and Me by Ji-min Lee. Not only will it be fascinating to get a new perspective on the elusive Marilyn Monroe, but ultimately this is a gripping insight into the harsh realities of the Korean war and the experiences of women at that time.” Out on 2nd May.
Nicola, Publishing xecutive

Read Part 1 here, and stay tuned for more this week.

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