From 4th: The best of 2018 (pt3)

• Dec 30, 2018 •

We’re looking back at some of the highlights of 2018. We published some truly phenomenal works of both fiction and non-fiction this year, but here are some personal picks from members of the 4th Estate team.

“My favourite book that we published this year is Hold by Michael Donkor. It’s such an incredible debut and the story of the two Ghanaian girls and their intersecting live in London is filled with so much warmth and depth.”
Mallory, International Sales Director

“How did we all survive without this book until now? Money by Laura Whately is brilliantly helpful, not at all patronising and gorgeous to boot.”
Fran, Project Editor

“I absolutely adored Chloe Caldwell’s novella Women. I devoured it in only a few sittings, and found myself completely invested in the story after only a couple of chapters. A very gripping and thought-provoking novella.”
Liv, Marketing Executive

What’s been your favourite 4th Estate book this year? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram @4thEstateBooks.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the 2018 picks can be read now.

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