George RR Martin reviews The Ravenmaster

• Nov 6, 2018 •

In Game of Thrones, the Three-Eyed Raven is the keeper of prophecy. Christopher Skaife, Ravenmaster at the Tower of London, predicts you may wish to buy his new book after this endorsement from George RR Martin…

“Ravens get a lot of bad press. Tolkien made them the servants of Sauron and harbringers of evil, and many later fantasists have followed in his footsteps. Odin knew better, though; in Norse mythology Huginn and Munnin (whose names mean ‘thought’ and ‘memory’) were his eyes and ears. He chose well. Renowned in lore and legend, ravens are fearless, inquisitive, strong flyers capable of beating their way through storms, and large and fierce enough to make even the biggest hawk think twice about attacking them. And no bird is more intelligent. Small wonder my maesters use them as messengers to tie the Seven Kingdoms together.

The most famous ravens in the world are the royal ravens who live at the Tower of London, where they are looked after by the Yeoman Warders, or Beefeaters. Christopher Skaife is the Ravenmaster in the charge of their care, a profession he describes as “the oddest job in Britain.” Odd it may be, but it is fascinating as well. In The Ravenmaster, Skaife takes us inside the Tower and gives us a look behind the scenes at these incredible birds and the men who look after them. Packed with insight and anecdote, his story brings the Tower ravens to vivid life, each bird with a personality of its own. I’ve been fortunate enough to tour the Tower and meet the ravens a few times in years past; after reading this book, I cannot wait to go back.”

Out now.

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