Cover reveal: The Ravenmaster by Christopher Skaife

• May 5, 2018 •

Out this October, the first behind-the-scenes account of life with the ravens at Britain’s most famous national monument.

Legend has it that if the Tower of London’s ravens should perish or be lost, the Crown and kingdom will fall. The Ravenmaster’s role is serious indeed, and after decades of serving the Queen, Yeoman Warder Christopher Skaife took on the added responsibility of caring for these infamous birds. In The Ravenmaster, he invites us over the tower’s drawbridge to watch as he feeds his raven’s ox-hearts and dog-biscuits soaked in blood, protects them from foxes, and ensures that these unusual, misunderstood, and utterly brilliant corvids are healthy, happy and ready to captivate the three million tourists who flock to the Tower every year.

A rewarding, intimate, and inspiring partnership has developed between the ravens and their charismatic and charming protector, the Ravenmaster. Weaving together insights from folklore, history, and contemporary behavioural science, Skaife shines light on these mysterious creatures and entertains his reader with anecdotes from his own experience with his beloved bird family. The Ravenmaster is a book for anyone with an interest in history, nature, memoir, and the macabre.

It’s being published on 4th October, and is available to pre-order now. Follow Chris on Twitter.

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