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Mishal Husain

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The ultimate handbook for women on how to take your career, aspirations and experience to the next level.

Written by award-winning Today presenter Mishal Husain, The Skills will inspire, motivate, champion and encourage all women to reach their potential by focusing on the practical skills that make a difference.

Incorporating interviews with inspirational women from Martha Lane Fox to Malala Yousafzai, and featuring tips on how to present yourself, how to overcome self-doubt and how to plan for short and long-term goals, The Skills will guide women of all ages towards honing the skills they need to survive and thrive in the modern world.

Mishal is hoping The Skills will answer some of the ‘how’ questions women are faced with today:

“The more I thought about the sort of skills that I use every day in my work presenting on television and radio, the more I thought these are skills that are really about presenting yourself in the workplace in general, in any workplace, or indeed presenting yourself in life. Body language, voice, public speaking, negotiation, making a short sharp pitch that you can use in any setting and to further any aim or ambition you have. I really hope that this book has something for a woman whether she is looking to her first job, or even before that to university, right up to the very top job, because these are skills that could and should last you a lifetime.”

Non-fiction Publishing Director Louise Haines has said:

“This promises to be the most inspirational guide for women at all stages of their working lives. It will help women hone the skills they need to survive and prosper and nothing quite like it has been published for women before. It will be essential reading. Mishal is both an eye-opening and an encouraging voice.”

Publishing on 6th September, you can pre-order it now.

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