Cover reveal: Elefant by Martin Suter

• Feb 1, 2018 •

The international bestseller about friendship, second chances, and a tiny glow-in-the-dark pink elephant.

What would you do if you woke up to see a living, breathing, tiny, glowing, pink elephant? If you’re anything like Schoch, who lives on the streets of Zürich and is decidedly down on his luck, you might well think it’s time to put away the bottle before your hallucinations get any stranger, and go back to sleep.

But what if the tiny pink elephant is still there when you wake up? And clearly needs someone to take care of it? And what if you discover that it’s been created through genetic engineering, by a group of scientists who just want to use it to get rich and don’t care about the elephant’s welfare? And that they’re in cahoots with a circus and will stop at nothing to get it back? And what if you’re the only person standing in their way?

What if this little elephant is about to change your life?

Elefant is being published on 31st May.

Martin Suter, born in Zürich in 1948, is a writer, columnist and screenwriter. He worked as a creative director in advertising before deciding to focus exclusively on writing. His novels have enjoyed huge international success. Martin Suter lives with his family in Zürich.

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