Cover Reveal: The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater

Get excited: Christmas is nearly here.

Ok, maybe not. But we’ve got a cover reveal which is almost as good as Christmas: Nigel Slater’s latest book is a glorious blend of recipes and diary entries featuring everything you need for the winter solstice.

Written as a diary, and starting in September, this is the story of Nigel Slater’s love for winter, its fables and its family feasts. Here are legends and folktales, myths and memoir, all told in Nigel’s warm and intimate signature style.

Nigel Slater’s new book will have everything you need to prepare for and survive midwinter, from a rundown of Europe’s Christmas markets and which books to read and films to watch, to where to go for a winter break and what candles to buy. And at the heart of the book are Nigel’s recipes, from quick fireside suppers to winter baking and marmalade making.

The Christmas Chronicles is out on the 19th October, and you can pre-order here. In his own words, ‘I have never enjoyed writing a book more than this’.

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