Food From 4th: A gutsy toast by Nigel Slater

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April 25

Nigel SlaterI need something to quell my avocado-toast habit. That moment when I take an avocado, skin, stone and smash it, stir in a little olive oil, coriander and salt, then slather it on toasted sourdough. Nothing wrong with that, other than the regularity with which it replaces lunch or even dinner.

I need something less soft and green, something with a heart, soul and balls. So today, I toast a thin slice of sourdough over which I pour olive oil, then add ‘nduja, the spreadable, spiced Italian sausage available from supermarkets and Italian grocery shops. Put it back under the grill, I then calm its chilli heat down with a thick slice of soft, chalky white goat’s curd.

‘Nduja bruschetta


Per sandwich, serves 1

a thick slice of sourdough or ciabatta

olive oil


soft goat’s curd or cheese 5og

thyme 3 sprigs

black olives- 4-6


Toast the bread lightly on both sides. Trickle enough olive oil over one side of the toast to thoroughly moisten it. Place the slice of ‘nduja on the bread, add the goat’s curd and thyme leaves, a little trickle of oil, then slide under the grill for a few minutes till the ‘nduja is warm. Add the olives, trickle over a little more olive oil, and eat immediately.

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