Fortnum & Mason: The Cookbook. Scones, Knickerbocker Glory, Battenberg, Rarebit and a Martini to round it off.

• Oct 27, 2016 • Tags:

It’s a national icon, a British institution, the finest grocer of them all. Fortnum & Mason is a store that has fuelled the tide of British history, fed the appetites of kings and queens, maharajahs and czars, emperors, dukes and divas alike.

Fortnum & Mason is a constantly evolving, hugely successful modern enterprise, one that respects its magnificent history while looking forward into the 21st century. The first Fortnum & Mason’s Cook Book will do the same, appealing to the modern reader and cook, whilst never forgetting the past.

We went behind the scenes with author Tom Parker Bowles and chief archivist Dr. Tanner to discuss how the book came together and discover the secrets of some of their most iconic dishes.

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