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  • Anna Jones + Elly Pear: A food tour of Hackney

    • Jun 29, 2016 • Tags: , , , ,

    Last month, Anna Jones, author of A Modern Way to Eat and A Modern Way to Cook, spent a very happy day with the brilliant food writer and owner of the Pear Cafe in Bristol, Elly Curshen, better known as Elly Pear. They have a lot in common – from favourite restaurants, teas and foods, not to mention a publisher. Anna and Elly got together to do a lot of eating and record a little food tour of Hackney in East London, where Anna lives, but ended up chatting about a whole lot more. Read more…

  • WIN: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reissues + tickets to ‘Love and War’ and the Royal Festival Hall

    As we’ve been seeing across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc for the past two weeks, you guys are in love with our Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reissues. Half of a Yellow Sun, Purple Hibiscus, The Thing Around Your Neck and Americanah have had a makeover by cover designer Jo Walker and boy, do they look good. Read more…

  • 4thcoming: Miranda Sawyer

    • Jun 24, 2016 •

    The 4thcoming series is all about introducing you to our authors.  If you’ve ever wondered what your favourite 4th Estate author is currently reading, listening to or what their writing ritual is, then we’ve got all those answers for you.

    Name: Miranda Sawyer Book: Out of Time

    What’s it about?

    Out of Time is not a self-help book. It’s an exploration of this sudden crisis, this jolt. It looks at how our tastes, and our bodies, change as we get older. It considers the unexpected new pleasures that the second half of life can offer, from learning to code to taking up running (slowly). Speaking to musicians and artists, friends and colleagues, Miranda asks how they too have confronted midlife, and the lessons, if any, that they’ve learned along the way.

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  • Foxlowe and the Summer Solstice

    • Jun 20, 2016 • Tags: ,

    “Summer Solstice is a day of great celebration. The sun is strong and light will flood over the moor stretching into the hours of night; this a day the Bad must shrink and flee. Hang garlands from the doors, and wrap them around the throats of animals and small children. Bring the gardens inside the house, and eat the ripest fruit… All broken things are made new. All sickness is healed.”

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  • 4 Fathers

    • Jun 17, 2016 •

    We hope you haven’t forgotten that it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. If you have, we recommend running to your nearest bookshop and grabbing one of these recent 4th Estate reads…

    TribeTRIBE by Sebastian Junger

    ‘A brilliant little book driven by a powerful idea’ Evening Standard

    In his powerful new book, Sebastian Junger, the bestselling author of War and The Perfect Storm, looks at our strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding, and how this tribal connection has been largely lost in modern society, and why regaining it may be the key to our psychological survival.


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  • Wilderness: A Competition

    • Jun 13, 2016 • Tags:

    Not only are we publishing Annie Proulx’s ode to the world’s forests this month in the form of the masterfully written Barkskins, but the weather was nice for approx. two days; this allowed us to venture outside into the wild, both to experience the delights that nature can give us as explored in the five books that you could win, but also to take the photo below. It was really nice. That being said, it would be even nicer for you to win one of the TWO sets of the five books on wilderness from us here at 4th Estate, the lovely Faber & Faber crew, and from our sibling imprint William Collins. Just enter your details in the form below, and we’ll pick a winner at the end of the month.

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  • 4x4th Estate: Investigative Biography


    A Life Discarded

    How do you write a biography of someone you’ve never met?

    Condensed from a preoccupation that lasted half a decade, Alexander Masters’s latest book A Life Discarded locates fantasy in ‘a daily record of an [ordinary person’s] thoughts about their existence, written […] so to speak, from the inside’. Again, Cambridge – by now surely to be understood as the author’s topographical muse – is the tableau; the city’s seemingly uncanny ability to both produce and submerse its more ‘sensitive’ inhabitants providing reader and author — armed with paper, pen and a private investigator named Vince — a series of wildly compelling, darkly comic revelations. Read more…