Fresh in store? An extract from ‘Swallow This’ by Joanna Blythman

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to give up ALL baked goods. “IMPOSSIBLE!” we hear you cry. Well. Take a look at this extract from the all-exposing Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets from Joanna Blythman, the journalist and investigator with over 25 years of experience in a field that concerns our everyday habits.

Determined to get to the bottom of the impact the industry has on our food, Joanna Blythman has gained unprecedented access to factories, suppliers and industry insiders, to give an utterly eye-opening account of what we’re really swallowing. Read at your own peril.

An extract from ‘Swallow This’: Fresh in store by 4thEstateBooks


Swallow This is out now

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