How Do You Like Them Apples: German edition of Anna Jones’s A Modern Way to Eat becomes first book to be printed on apple paper

Anna JonesIn an exciting publishing first, the German edition of A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones, published by Mosaik Verlag on 12th October, will be the only book in the world ever to be printed on apple paper: an eco-friendly, sustainable paper made from apple scraps. The paper was produced in the South Tyrol, one of Europe’s largest apple growing areas, using forty tonnes of scraps left over from apple juice production. A paper manufacturer succeeded in producing a completely biodegradable paper from this organic by-product.

These scraps, or cellulosic pomace, are dried, pulverized and mixed with chlorine-free bleached, FSC-certified cellulose and made into paper. As a result, this paper contributes to the recycling of a sustainable vegetable product and the reduction of waste. Moreover, only RECS-certified renewable energy is used in the production process– making an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A delighted Anna says “I am so thrilled that my book will be the first ever book to be printed on apple paper. I love apples and using the scraps to make paper is ingenious and lessens the load of my book on the planet which means a great deal to me. It is a total honour to be the first author to be published using this amazing new technique.”

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