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Back in October, 4th Estate hosted a meeting of two brilliant, whip-smart and erratic minds, Lena Dunham and Caitlin Moran, in a sell out event at London’s Southbank Centre.

Lena read the chapter ‘Sex Scenes, Nude Scenes, and Publicly Sharing Your Body’ from her bestseller, Not That Kind Of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s ‘Learned’followed by a hilarious interview by Caitlin Moran, in which the two dissect a range of issues from how the media portrays women, to stimulating sex with someone you may or may not know, and managing anxiety to the perils of dressing up for Halloween.

And the absolute best thing is that we can now share the whole event with you, our lovely readers.


‘If I could take what I’ve learned and make one menial job easier for you, or prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you must keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act, then every misstep of mine was worthwhile. I’m already predicting my future shame at thinking I had anything to offer you, but also my future glory in having stopped you from trying an expensive juice cleanse or thinking that it was your fault when the person you are dating suddenly backs away, intimidated by the clarity of your personal mission here on earth. No, I am not a sexpert, a psychologist, or a dietician. I am not a mother of three or the owner of a successful hosiery franchise. But I am a girl with a keen interest in having it all, and what follows are hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.’

Read the book behind the hype.


Not That Kind of Girl is out now.

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