Wish You Were Here

This month sees the publishing of many a 4th Estate book on the exploration and conquering of new pastures. The Museum of Things Left Behind by Seni Glaister takes us to Vallerosa: A place lost in time you’ll never have heard of before, while screenwriter Antonio Manzini’s international hit Black Run is set in the Italian Alps where what seems to be a slightly higher than usual mound of snow is in fact a corpse. Enter Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone, a man stuck in a backwards Alpine town after getting on the wrong side of the wrong people. 

WishYouWereHereGreen Glowing Skull by Gavin Corbett, author of This is the Way, sees Rickard Velily flee his dying parents and monotony of working life in Dublin to embark on a new life in Manhattan; one that takes many a warped, trippy and constantly inexplicable turn. Stick with us this month as we bring you the best travel themed content, as well as the usual 4th Estate goodness.


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