Food From 4th: Veggie Burgers from ‘Hungry’

FoodThere are six different vegetables hidden in between the baps of these burgers. They need about 20 minutes in the fridge before cooking so why not make a double batch, wrap half in clingfilm and freeze for another time and thank yourself in advance.



Makes 4 burgers (or 8 kid sized ones), 2 portions of your 5-a-day

1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into big chunks

2 large waxy potatoes, peeled and cut into small chunks

a small handful of frozen peas

olive oil

4 spring onions, finely chopped

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 carrot, peeled and grated

1 courgette, grated

100g halloumi cheese, grated

a couple of sprigs of mint

1 large free range egg

2 tablespoons plain flour

1 big handful of brown breadcrumbs

4 of your favourite bread rolls

3 big tomatoes, sliced

a big handful of lettuce leaves



Put all the potatoes into a pan of boiling water and bring back to the boil. Chuck in the peas, bring back to the boil again, and simmer for 5 minutes. Scoop out the potatoes with a slotted spoon, then drain the peas. Leave the spuds to one side to cool, return the peas to the pan and mash with a potato masher.

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and cook the spring onions and spices for a minute or two, until soft. Turn off the heat.

Put the grated carrot, courgette, halloumi and chopped mint into a big bowl and grate in the cooled potatoes. Mix well. Add the peas, spring onions, egg, flour and breadcrumbs to the bowl and season as needed (don’t forget that the halloumi is already quite salty).

Wet your hands to stop the mixture sticking to them, and give the whole lot a really good mix. Then divide the mixture into 4, and mould and shape each portion into a round pattie. Pop the patties into the fridge for at least 20 minutes, or as long as you’ve got to, to let them firm up a bit. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F/ gas mark 6.

When the patties have had their time in the fridge, put them on a baking tray, drizzle them with olive oil and bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, until golden brown.

Toast your bread rolls and serve the burgers sandwiched between them, layered with sliced tomato, lettuce leaves, a good dollop of ketchup and salad.


innocent hungry?This recipe appears in ‘Hungry: A Recipe Book for Filling your Family with Good Stuff’ 

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