Seni Glaister introduces her debut novel, ‘The Museum of Things Left Behind’

‘I’ve been a bookseller for the last 26 years and have surrounded myself with stories for a lot longer than that. I know how lucky I am to get so much pleasure from my work – I spend each day reading books, discovering books, buying and selling books and talking about books with a vast number of people I greatly admire. But no amount of immersion in the bookselling industry could possibly have prepared me for the experience of seeing my first novel published and, however comfortable I am in the bookselling world, I know with nerve-tingling certainty, in this context, I’m a rookie once more.

I have kept the fact that I’ve  been writing this book to myself and I expect I only found the courage to finish it buried deeply in the certain knowledge that I would never have the courage to submit it. In the end, I wasn’t terribly courageous, I submitted it anonymously. And I could not have been more overjoyed (or relieved) to find it landing well. Finding a home at 4th Estate, an imprint I have always loved and respected, was beyond my wildest dreams.

When I began writing this novel my children became aware that I was writing a book, as opposed to just writing. When they asked me what it was about, I told them ‘tea’ and they shared nervous looks between them. It is, of course, about much more than tea.

The Museum of Things Left Behind is a story set in the fictional country of Vallerosa. Vallerosa is a country that bothers little with money, but greatly with values. Community has a more profound impact on society than government. It is a story about politics, bureaucracy, the frustrations of hierarchy and the nonsense of economics. But much more than that it is a comic tale about purpose, women, the passage of time and, yes, tea. Vallerosa is a utopia of sorts, but an imperfect one. (I now realise that my personal utopia could never be perfect, it would need to present a challenge of some sort because how else could you find a sense of purpose if you don’t have something useful to contribute?)

I have really enjoyed watching people react to the book.  I love the fact it makes people laugh, I am so glad when readers respond well to the characters in the novel but I think I’m at my happiest when I hear people say they want to move to Vallerosa.’

Seni Glaister

The Museum of Things Left Behind is out on the 21st May.

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