4x4th Estate: New Beginnings

New Loves, New Lives, New Countries and New Worlds are all explored in these four wonderful novels. Leap into 2015 with one of these reads and experience the effects they have on your life, do they make you laugh? Cry? Confuse you? Or simply make you glad to be alive- here’s to a very Happy New Year!

Small Island by Andrea Levy

small island

Hailed as one of the defining books of the past decade, Levy’s modern masterpiece explores the lives of two Jamaican immigrants in London in 1948 and the impact they have on their British counterparts. Fresh off the Windrush, their colonial-tinted dreams of a welcoming green land are soon altered as they struggle to fit in with the inhabitants of this small island, all the while remembering the isle they have left behind. Moving, at times funny and with a surprising climax – Small Island provides a challenging but gripping read.




Love Again by Doris Lessing

Love, Again

Exploring new love from the perspective of an older woman, Lessing’s novel follows Sarah Durham, a sixty-year-old producer and founder of a leading fringe theatre company, who commissions a play based on the journals of Julie Vairon, a beautiful, wayward nineteenth-century mulatto woman. It captivates all who come into contact with it, and dramatically changes the lives of all those who take part in it. For Sarah the changes are profound – she falls in love with two younger men, causing her to relive her own stages of growing up, from immature and infantile with the beautiful and androgynous Bill, to a mature love with Henry.



Back in the Jug Agane by Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle


Searle’s timeless images of Nigel Molesworth will delight readers new and old alike.  In the third book in the Molesworth series, all is not quite right at our beloved St. Custard’s. It seems that Nigel has turned a new leaf. He behaves in class, does his homework and is nice to girls – can it be? Has Molesworth become (GASP) a sissy?! Or is this all a cover for his old ways? Find out in this wonderful romp through skool life, which, as any fule kno(ws), amuses, entertains and charms, much like Molesworth himself.





Brave New World by Aldoux Huxley


Into the New World we go, eagerly expectant, ready yet afraid. Huxley’s groundbreaking work shocked readers upon publication and continues to do so today. The dystopian future as imagined by Huxley is nothing like our world today, or is it? Do Huxley’s outlandish inventions and zany vision of the year AD2540 or 632 AF (After Ford) bear closer resemblance to our world than we think? Journey to the future with main characters Lenina and Bernard as they explore themselves and their world, struggling to understand their part and their place in it.




Words by Minty Eyre

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