4thcoming: Seni Glaister

Seni GlaisterName: Seni Glaister

Occupation: CEO of The Book People

Twitter: @BookPeopleSeni

Book: The Museum of Things Left Behind

What’s it about: Full of wisdom, humour and light, The Museum of Things Left Behind  is a heart-warming fable for our times that asks us to consider what we have lost and what we have gained in modern life. A book about bureaucracy, religion and the people that really get things done, it is above all else a hymn to the inconstancy of time and the pivotal importance of a good cup of tea.

Why we’re excited: When The Museum of Things Left Behind first came into the office, it was submitted anonymously. That it was snapped up by editorial director Clare Reihill instantly is a testament to its magnificence, its instant pull, and the confidence that Seni Glaister knows how to tell a story. 

What she’s reading:  ‘2015 is a great year for readers!  I’ve recently finished The Mirror World of Melody Black by Gavin Extence and A Year of Marvellous ways by Sarah Winman.  I’ve just started Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant.  I’m very happy.’

What she’s listening to: ‘Radio 4, 5 days a week.  If I didn’t listen to Radio 4 I’d know nothing about the world at all as I don’t watch TV or buy a newspaper.  I know absolutely nothing about the world at the weekends so Monday mornings often deliver quite a punch.’

What she’s watching: ‘Do you mean television?  Nothing.  Film?  Not nearly enough.’

Her favourite word: ‘Bleb – because somebody cared enough to name it.’

Her favourite song: ‘No such thing, it depends entirely on the moment.’

Living person she most admires: ‘My father’

The book she wishes she’d written:  ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’

The book that everyone should read: ‘I don’t think I believe in the one book fits all theory but Caroline by Cornelis Medvei is a perfect little book.’

The book you’d like republished: ‘The Semi-attached Couple and the Semi Detached house by Emily Eden (but not necessarily in one volume)’

Her writing ritual:  ‘I’m actually a very fast writer, providing I’ve allowed myself plenty of time to think beforehand.  So I make space in my head by walking or climbing and by the time I come to write I can comfortably get 5,000 words down in a sitting.  I then edit at leisure which I do on a paragraph by paragraph basis – but not necessarily in sequence.’

The best advice she’s ever received:  ‘I’ve received a great deal of good advice over the years but I tend to play closest attention to advice from strangers or unsolicited advice from unlikely sources.  However, the most profound advice I’ve received recently was from my then 14 year old daughter who told me “Mum.  I’m going to watch how you treat your mother very carefully over the next few years.  However you treat her, will be how I treat you when I’m your age.” I have taken heed.’


The Museum of Things Left Behind is published by 4th Estate on 21st May 2015

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