4x4th Estate: Snow

What the hell is a weather bomb? We at 4th Estate are crossing our fingers and dreaming of a White Christmas. If literature is a form of wish fulfilment, our books are doing a good job today. Here are 4 not-really-but-please-make-it-so passages from our books that we would love to snuggle up with by a roaring fire today:


The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham

‘It’s snowing in Tyler and Beth’s bedroom. Flecks of snow — tough little ice balls, more BB than flake, more grey than white in the early morning dimness— swirl onto the floorboards and the foot of the bed … Even in Bushwick. Here’s a fall of new snow, serious snow, immaculate, with its hint of benediction, as if some company that delivers hush and accord to the better neighbourhoods had gotten the wrong address. If you live in certain places, in a certain way, you’d better learn to praise the small felicities.’


Snow in May by Kseniya Melnik

‘The snow smelled like freshly cut cucumbers, like summer at Grandpa’s. At once he remembered that more than anything in the world he wanted a bike, one that had a tire- patching kit with the special glue.’


Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

‘Christmas Day comes. The bells peal at Dunstan’s church. Snowflakes drift on the wind. Spaniels wear ribbons.’


The Emporer Waltz by Philip Hensher

‘The sky outside was dark with snowclouds, a heavy descending grey, like a face held too close. In the last five minutes, since the train had been standing there, fat flakes of snow had begun to fall. It was as if the train had had foresight, and had stopped even before the snowfall began … Dolphus pressed his face against the window; it was snowing heavily now. He could feel the cold, draining force of the weather outside, and the steely metallic smell of the air when snow came to transform the world.’

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