FoodFrom4th: Personalised Recipes from Anna Jones

FoodHappy Friday! Not only is today a  #FoodFrom4th Friday, but it’s also #WOM4N,  our month celebrating female writers; how better to celebrate both than to combine the two? We asked the lovely Anna Jones, author of A Modern Way to Eat the vegetarian cookbook that provides unique, healthy and, most of all, mouth-wateringly delicious recipes, to provide you, or equally lovely readers, with personalised recipes. Anna has picked some of our favourite requests and written them up:

Michael emailed asking: ‘What could I eat to really energise me before a long day at work?’




Ben emailed in asking:  ‘What’s a good thing to make my vegan girlfriend to eat when she gets back from her evening gym session?’






@JessRuston tweeted: ‘I would like to see a recipe that is hearty and delicious that uses 6 or less ingredients…’





Keso emailed in, asking: ‘What’s the best way to jazz up quinoa?’





@JessRuston tweeted: ‘I’d love a recipe to satisfy my carnivorous, wheat and potato avoiding husband!’






Morwenna said: ‘I love your avocado pasta recipe… but don’t actually like pasta! What’s a good substitute?’






A Modern Way to EatIf you have a go at cooking any of our FoodFrom4th recipes, we’d love to know. Tweet us at @4thEstateBooks and use the hashtag #FoodFrom4th

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