Pre-order ‘Consumed’ now

The debut novel by the iconic film director.

David Cronenberg is finally unleashing into the world Consumed, a dark, visceral piece of fiction sure to shock, unsettle and remind you why he’s the king of the body horror genre.

Consumed is exactly what fans of Cronenberg’s films would expect from his first novel: hypnotic, darkly comic, with vividly drawn characters moving through a landscape that at first seems alien, only to become frighteningly familiar. It is dark yet mischievously humorous; recognisable yet disturbingly uncanny. There is an interest in – and fetishisation of – technology, and the way we interface with the world; there is an undercurrent of perverse sexuality. In it, the imaginative brilliance of J.G. Ballard is married with stylistic verve of William Gibson.

Below is the trailer. Not for the weak-stomached, and not safe for work.

Consumed will be published on 30th of September. Pre-order the book here


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