‘If it’s on my face, it’s because Sali recommended it.’ Caitlin Moran. Pretty Honest is out today.

Pretty Honest‘If it’s on my face, it’s because Sali recommended it.’ Caitlin Moran

‘Britain’s best beauty writer … This book is equal parts sass, sense, lipstick and laughs.’ Lauren Laverne

‘Sali is a total joy to read. She writes about beauty with love, authority and honesty. I trust her completely.’ Marian Keyes

‘Obey Sali. She knows her stuff.’ India Knight

‘Sali decodes beauty for any woman with smart, simple and practical advice.’ Bobbi Brown

Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion is out today, a witty, wise and truthful beauty handbook for real women on what works in real life from Sali Hughes, beloved journalist and broadcaster.

‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together’ Elizabeth Taylor

Beauty books. Exquisite coffee-table affairs featuring improbably beautiful models with wholly-unachievable-to-most women looks, product review-heavy volumes which become almost instantly outdated, or tracts of holistic mumbo jumbo, like how to make an unproven face pack from organic molasses and rough-hewn porridge oats.
Not anymore.

Drawing on over 20 years of wisdom, advice and expertise, Sali shows real women how to make the most of makeup’s physically and emotionally transformative powers. She says: ‘Pretty Honest covers everything, from feminism, to post baby beauty, to chemotherapy, to Christmas shopping, to acne survival, to essential handbag supplies for a one night stand. Truthful advice on real life situations where looking and feeling good is helpful.’ It’s a work that is part instruction manual, part love letter to makeup – in a writing style that combines beauty editor, feminist and painfully funny best friend.




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