Food From 4th: Anna Jones Personalised Recipes

FoodIf you’re anything like us, the recipe book is the first port of call before we even think about stepping into the kitchen. Nigel Slater, Riverford, Rose Prince, Locatelli; you name it, we’ve cooked from it. Sometimes, though, we haven’t always got time to find the perfect recipe, gather ingredients, pour a glass of wine and start cooking only to realise that we’ve forgotten to buy a vital ingredient and all the shops are closed. So, the ever-delightful Anna Jones, author of the gorgeous A Modern Way to Eat, has agreed to compose 6  personalised recipes from reader submissions. All you need to do is tweet us your requests!


‘Give me a recipe to throw together in ten minutes after a session in the gym’

‘I work from home and have trouble cooking something filling for lunch that stops me wandering to the fridge all day’

‘I need a go-to hearty, filling and quick breakfast that’ll help me get through my commute’


Tweet or email us your requests at using the #FoodFrom4th hashtag. The best recipe (picked by Anna) will win a copy of the book! What more could you want? Nothing.

A Modern Way to Eat

If you have a go at cooking any of our FoodFrom4th recipes, we’d love to know. Tweet us at @4thEstateBooks and use the hashtag #FoodFrom4th

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