‘Bleak, beautiful and full of hope’: The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta airs on Sky Atlantic tonight.

‘Like Six Feet Under this is an adult drama, an examination of love and loss that is unafraid to take risks while, as the title suggests, always keeping the focus not on what happened but on what it means to those left behind … The Leftovers might not be overly concerned with providing straightforward answers, but as a celebration of the human condition few current series have it beat.’

Sarah Hughes, Guardian

Leftovers jacket

What if – one day, without explanation – some of us simply vanished? Would we carry on, and act as we did before our world turned upside down?

This is the question posed by Tom Perrotta in his 2012 novel The Leftovers, in which 2% of the world’s population suddenly and inexplicably disappears. Mapleton, a small, affluent, American suburb, becomes a microcosm to interrogate the grief-torn communities left exposed as certainty crumbles and purpose disintegrates.

Kevin Garvey, Mapleton’s new mayor, wants to bring a sense of hope to this traumatised community. His family has fallen apart in the wake of disaster. His wife has joined a homegrown cult, and his son is a disciple of the prophet Holy Wayne. Only Jill, Kevin’s daughter, remains, and she’s no longer the sweet student she once was…

The Leftovers is an intelligent, provocative and compelling exploration of love, connection and loss. Adapted for TV by Lost’s Damon Lindelof for HBO, and airing on Sky Atlantic tonight at 9pm, it stars Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, Christopher Ecclestone amongst an all-star cast. And we’re not the only ones singing its praises. Have a glance at Metro’s ‘Five Reasons Why New Sci-Fi Show The Leftovers Will Be Unmissable’ and Sarah Hughes’ Guardian review.

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