Food From 4th: Raspberry Fool

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This is the third FoodFrom4th, and with it, we thought we’d give you a delicious, seasonal and really very easy pudding to make that’ll taste amazing, and definitely impress. We don’t want to prematurely say that it’s getting colder and that the nights are drawing in, but it it kind of starting to apply. How better to spend cooler summer nights than wrapped up with a fresh, sweet and creamy dessert.

Ingredients | Serves 8-10RF

 Raspberries, best-quality fresh or frozen, work equally well here. The berries can also be replaced very successfully with tart loganbarries or tayberries, or even a mixture of all three. 

450g raspberries, fresh or frozen

150-225g caster sugar

600ml regular, double or whipping cream, whipped until quite stiff


Lay the raspberries out flat on a dish. Sprinkle on the caster sugar and allow to macerate for 1 hour.  If you are using frozen berries this should be long enough to defrost.

Puree the fruit and sugar in a liquidiser or blender. Pass the puree through a sieve to remove the seeds. Discard the seeds. Gently fold in the whipped cream. If you wish to create a swirly effect, just be a little light-handed with the folding in of the cream. The fool is now ready to be served now, or can be chilled for serving later.

Raspberry Ice Cream

If you have some of the fool left over, freeze it until set and frozen!

This recipe is taken from the wonderful Master it: How to Cook Today by Rory O’Connell

Master itO’Connell offers an elegant template to an understanding of good food. A grounding in everything you need to know, effortlessly explained. The man is revered by Claudia Roden – need we say more?’ Observer Food Monthly, ‘Food Books of the Year’

‘If you pursue O’Connell’s chatty pages on grilled sea bass or casserole-roast chicken with watercress, the result should be a small masterpiece.’ Independent, Books of the Year

‘Rory’s cooking is thoughtful, heartfelt and generous. His knowledge is immense and his attention to detail second to none. To sit at Rory’s table is pure joy. I don’t know if everybody has a favourite cook but I know I do. Mine is Rory O’Connell!’ Skye Gyngell

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