‘John the Pupil’: A Walk in Pictures

‘As part of the research to write John the Pupil, after I’d finished my months in the library immersed in the history, theology, politics, chronicles and hagiographies of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, I travelled along the Via Francigena. This was the pilgrims’ and merchants’ road from Canterbury to Rome, which John and his two companions took to deliver his master’s book to the Pope. They mostly walk. I took more various means of transport, which included walking as well as car and train journeys. My first day, walking from Canterbury to Dover, was the longest. This wasn’t helped by getting lost somewhere between the North Downs and the A2. But then, every time I had a full day’s walking, such as when I went from Bar-sur-Aube through the Clairvaux forest, I always would get lost.

Here are some images from my journey, along with lines from the book.’

David Flusfeder

Click through the online album below for exclusive pictures and click here for the full album with excerpts of the novel:

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