‘The Bees’ launch at Lutyens & Rubinstein

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Yesterday evening saw the welcoming into the world of The Bees by debut author and playwright Laline Paull

Bees launch

The  launch took place at the beautiful and welcoming Lutyens & Rubinstein bookshop in Notting Hill. The book flew off the shelves and was completely sold out within an hour.
Laline was supported by friends, family, fellow authors and fans of the book alike, all keen to speak to 4th Estate staff about how much they love The Bees.

The Bees mockup

Praise for The Bees:

‘This unusual and cunningly imagined thriller hurtles us through the very bizarre life and adventures of Flora 717 … [It] introduces us to the world carefully imagined from what we accept is the bee’s point of view … Laline Paull — a British playwright — has set herself a stern challenge with this debut novel and has largely succeeded: she has managed to create a character with which we can identify yet one which, or who, is utterly alien to us in all possible respects … Strangely thought-provoking … A clever context for a writer creating a female action hero, for that, ultimately is what Flora 717 is.’ Angus Clarke, The Times

‘[A] gripping Cinderella/Arthurian tale with lush Keatsian adjectives.’ Margaret Atwood

‘”The Bees” is one wild ride. A sensual, visceral mini-epic about timeless rituals and modern environmental disaster. Paull’s heartpounding novel wrenches us into a new world.’ Emma Donoghue, author of Room

‘This is a rich, strange book, utterly convincing in its portrayal of the mindset of a bee and a hive. I finished it feeling I knew exactly how bees think and live. This is what sets us humans apart from other animals, that our imagination can allow us to create a complete, believable world so different from our own.’ Tracy Chevalier

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