‘How to be a Husband’ Illustration Competition

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You may have seen these stylish and playful Benoît Jacques illustrations accompanying Tim Dowling’s Guardian Weekend column, so it was only right that they be used in Tim Dowling’s debut novel How To be a Husband. These cartoons  have evoked our playful side, so we’ve got a competition for you. Match the chapter title to the ten respective picture from the Flickr gallery (for example: a7, b3, c5). Three entrants to pair all ten correctly will be chosen at random, and will win a copy of How To be a Husband. Guess away!

Illustrations © Benoît Jacques

The Titles

a. Getting Married: Why Would You?
b. DIY: Man’s Estate, Even Now
c. Extended Family
d. Bringing Home the Bacon
e. The Pros and Cons of Procreation
f. Coming To Grief
g. Do I Need A Hobby?
h. Keeping the Magic Alive
i. Head of Security
j. Fatherhood for Morons

To enter, send a complete list of answers to: 4thestate.marketing@harpercollins.co.uk

Before entering, please consider the terms and conditions which can be found here.

About How To be a Husband:

You’ll never get divorced if you never get married. Not even your granny minds if you live in sin anymore. And if you’re single you can choose curtains without somebody else butting in. So why bother with marriage? It can’t just be an easy way round having to buy your own deodorant. Guardian columnist Tim Dowling is a husband of some twenty years. His marriage is resounding proof that even the most impossible partnership can work out for the best. Some of the time.

So while this book is called How To be a Husband,  it’s not really a how-to guide at all. Nor is it a compendium of petty remarks and brinkmanship – although it contains plenty of both. You may pick up a few DIY hints. You might learn that while marriage is founded on love, it endures through bloody hard work. Most likely it will make you whimper with the laughter of painful recognition. How To be a Husband is a cautionary tale about throwing caution to the wind. It’s the strange romance of two people consenting to share a roll-on. It’s a new manifesto for marriage and an answer to why, even when we suck at it, we stick at it. Buy the book here.

Listen to Tim read an extract of How To be a Husband.

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