Win a copy of Gavin Corbett’s ‘This is the Way’

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We’re giving away five copies of This is the Way by Gavin Corbett.


 In This is the Way, Gavin Corbett summons a world we thought we knew as we have not seen or heard it before.

Anthony, the son of a Sonaghan father and a Gillaroo mother, is descended from two families whose enmity is a matter of legend. Though he belongs to a storytelling tradition, Anthony has grown up away from his people, and is only dimly aware of their disputes. That is until the blood feud touches him, and he comes to Dublin to lie low. His time in the city is a reckoning. Only there does he appreciate the strength of his heritage but also its otherness.

In an unforgettable feat of imposture, Gavin Corbett has found a startling idiom – vivid and innocent – with which to speak for Anthony and that other, Travelling world.

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