Successful Launch for The 4th Estate Literary Salon

• May 24, 2013 •

On 30th April around one hundred people gathered at The Book Club for the first ever 4th Estate Literary Salon. With the aim of bringing together great minds and great conversation the Salon’s inaugural event saw Hadley Freeman, author of Be Awesome, join Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, founders of The Vagenda, in a lively debate that was chaired by fellow commentator and Guardian columnist Rebecca Nicholson.

The main topic for the evening was modern day feminism, with the panel discussing, among other things, how media, fashion and celebrity culture impact on women today.

The video below features some short clips from the evening’s debate.

The 4th Estate Literary Salon

4th Estate is one of the most innovative and eclectic imprints in the book industry, with a reputation for publishing a wide variety of critically acclaimed and beautifully produced titles; from the record-breaking, award-winning Hilary Mantel to American literary legends Jonathan Franzen and Jeffrey Eugenides to voices of a new generation, such as Lena Dunham, Sam Byers and Hadley Freeman.

With such a stellar cast of authors, the 4th Estate salon promises to bring together great minds and great conversation for live literary debate.

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