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Five things to read and share. Five things to show your friends. Five things to light up your world. Brought to you by us at 4th Estate.


Google predictive search doesn’t just throw up similar searches, it reveals poetry generated by a nation of inquisitive searchers. Google Poetics has brought all these poems/ searches together. The phrase ‘i oft’ leads to reflections on birds and a meditation on the past while ‘can a’ is a harsher poem that deals with pregnancy tests and viruses. The definitive digital anthology for our modern world.

HemingwayThere’s nothing we like more than insight into the lives of authors. Have a look at this gallery of famous writers in their homes where you’ll find Susan Sontag lolling about on her bed and Dave Eggers on a big red sofa. Just like their humble readers, some writers sit stiffly on chairs while others prefer to be splayed out on a sofa covered in cats.


Daniel Clay’s brilliant novel Broken has been adapted into a film starring Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy. At a screening earlier this week we at 4th Estate were moved and disturbed by the story of a young girl and the lives around her which began to unravel desperately. Some of us even cried, secretly, so that no one could see. Watch the trailer here and then buy the book.


For some of us, even if we grew up in a rainy English town, two of our best childhood friends were the identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, who lived in Sweet Valley, California. As stars of the Sweet Valley High series of books, the beautiful Jessica and Elizabeth enjoyed a life of sunny skies and improbable plot lines. Amy Boesky was responsible for ghost writing many of the 152 books. In this essay she explains how she became hooked.


DariaThe best of the n+1 Personals can now be re-read and thoroughly enjoyed here. The editors have even coupled them. ‘I’m your unfinished novel.’ writes one lonely heart, while another admits, ‘frankly, I probably will only sleep with you if you’re taller than 6’2” and have a PhD. I’m just that shallow.’

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