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Who needs Google when you’ve got us? Don’t bother searching for ‘fun literary things’; we’ve found you loads. Well, five. But they’re all really good. Five things to read and see online. Just for you, from us at 4th Estate.



This week, we welcomed a new member to our sales team (hello Alice!). It can be hard starting at a new place. There’s all those systems and procedures to learn, like knowing that parking can start as early as 3 am. Such is the case in ‘A memo to the new employee about parking’ from McSweeney’s. Parking can be fun with the right attitude.

Stop Gchatting at your desk and read this: a Gchat with George Saunders. The author talks about his writing while making the same typos and using the same emoticons as the rest of us. The medium inspires conversation about spontaneous text and the need for revision in writing, with Saunders counselling against the belief that “to blurt, is to be.”.

Do you often stand before renaissance paintings filled with wonder? Do you admire the gold, the light, the beauty? And then, just sometimes, do your eyes fall on something so strange that you cannot help but jump back in horror? You’ve spotted an Ugly Renaissance Baby, and you’re not alone.




Try and guess which films are being represented by these emojis. Fruit, grinning faces and flexing muscles are all employed to illustrate some of the world’s greatest novels. Use these next time you’re discussing books in text messages. It might not make communication clearer but it will make it more fun.





Eight new punctuation marks we desperately need is a plea for some new additions to punctuation that will help to ensure our interlocutors can tell if we’re being sincere, sarcastic or simply mocking them. It isn’t always clear. The Morgan Freemark is especially useful when you want to indicate that a sentence should be read in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

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