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You know the score: the internet made easy. Only the best literary things to read and see, brought to you by us at 4th Estate.


‘Perhaps, dear reader, we should recap. You are not someone any novelist would want to write about.’ and so to the final part of Sam Byers’s smart and witty dissection of why writers and critics are afraid of the internet. Once you’ve read all four parts of ‘The End of the End of Everything: Fiction’s Fretful Futures’ embrace technology happily and download it as an ebook. This is crucial reading.

By the way, as well as being a brilliant essayist, Sam Byers is also the author of this.


We may not heal the sick, we may not know how to fix your broken down car and we can’t find your lost cat. But we’re OK with that. Because today we can offer you 10 Books That Could Save Your Life. We’re looking out for you.


Did you know that you can celebrate Susan Sontag every week over at Sunday Sontag? Discover illustrated diary excerpts, ideas and musings on life, art and politics. The students among you might like to debate this, for example, ‘college instruction is a brand of popular culture; the universities are poorly run mass media’.


The Freedom Press bookshop in Whitechapel, London was firebombed last week. In this short LRB blog post Anna Aslanyan writes about the volunteers who have come together to reconstruct the shop and re-open it for its readers and supporters. 


Michael Chabon’s unusual and sober take on Wes Anderson’s films in this New York Review Blog makes the argument that Anderson renders ‘beauty out of brokenness’. Read Chabon’s most recent novel, Telegraph Avenue, here.

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