Five from 4th Estate

What do Patti Smith, Hilary Mantel and photos of Dublin have in common? They all feature on this week’s Five from 4th Estate, of course. Five online things to kick off the weekend. What could be sweeter?


Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? Conspiracy theories relating to characters in books are even better. Take a look at this collection, which includes ‘Hogwarts was all in Harry Potter’s head’ and ‘Everyone in Winnie the Pooh suffers from a mental disorder’. Well that does explain why Eeyore is so sad.



Five from 4th rarely links to articles from our very own website. But for Gavin Corbett, we make an exception. While Corbett was writing This is the Way he was also capturing these stark and strange photographs of Dublin. We feature his photo sketchbook here, where Corbett also introduces the novel. Make sure you own a copy of This is the Way.



To celebrate Hilary Mantel’s Costa prize and the biggest book of the year we’ve dug out ‘Giving up the Ghost’ from the LRB archive. In this memoir piece, written back in 2003, Mantel confronts the ghosts of her past: ‘The story of my own childhood is a complicated sentence that I am always trying to finish, to finish and put behind me.’


Max out on whimsy in this trailer for Michel Gondry’s new film Mood Indigo. Based on the french novel Froth on the Daydream by Boris Vian, the film tells the story of of a man whose wife develops an illness that can only be treated by surrounding her with flowers. Yes, flowers. And Audrey Tautou is in it. Cry with happiness here.


And finally, one extraordinary voice reading another. Patti Smith reads from Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and then breaks into her own dramatic homage to Woolf, ‘Virginia of the stones’. Watch here.

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