Five from 4th Estate

Five things to see and read, and even a theory-related game to play? It must be this week’s Five from 4th Estate.


You may have noticed we’ve been getting pretty excited about Sam Byers’s debut novel Idiopathy, which we will be publishing on April 25th. Over the next month, Sam will be writing about the state of the novel in ‘Fiction’s Fretful Futures’. Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. Read the first part now. And pre-order Idiopathy here.


To celebrate the return of Girls this January, take a look at this list on The Millions featuring books to read now that Girls is back. Mixing both new releases and old classics, including Jane Austen’s Emma, it’s a list brimming with girl power. The only book missing is Lena Dunham’s very own Not That Kind of Girl, which 4th Estate will publish later this year.


‘Productivity is a relative matter.’ Read this brilliant interview with Joyce Carol Oates before digging your teeth into her new novel, The Accursed, published on 3rd March which will be unlike any other Oates book you’ve ever encountered before. Pre-order it here.



Here at 4th Estate, we try and get out of the office, you know, see the world, but it seems whenever we do, we end up encountering our books. We discover cocktails named after us, or a boat painted with the Gillaroo fish that features in This is the Way. Some people would say this was funny, fortuitous even. We think it’s spooky.


Forget Angry Birds, forget Draw Something. This is the game you’ve been waiting for. In this game, you can actually run away from Michel Foucault. As in, literally run. From his big face. Oh the internet, it’s more madness than civilization isn’t it? (Really sorry about that.)

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