Five from 4th Estate

• Dec 28, 2012 • Tags: , ,

The holidays. Ahh. This week we’ve been revisiting some of the internet things that we’ve bookmarked as ‘old favourites’: blogs and websites to return to over and over again. We hope you enjoy them.


We thought cat blogs were just for girls. Then we found Writers and Kitties. When we saw both Sartre and Foucault cosying up to cats we realised we had been wrong about cats on the internet. Dead wrong.


Put your deepest, darkest secret on a postcard and send it off into the world where it will be read by millions on This community mail art projects has been around for a while now, but we’re still checking back to see the new postcards that are uploaded regularly.


When children point and laugh at you reading on the bus. When you drop a pile of books in front of the girl of your dreams and she tramples all over them, just remember: the most awesome people were all readers  and here’s proof – the Awesome People Reading tumblr.


Creep up on anyone in the office during an idle moment and chances are they will be reading a letter, postcard, telegram or memo on Letters of Note, the site that gathers the best correspondence from many well-known names. It’s the best old box of letters you ever found. And if you like this, you may also enjoy Lists of Note.


What do characters in books actually look like? Settle disputes with friends once and for all with The Composites, a website which uses law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters to create portraits of the most famous characters in literature. So, is the picture above how you imagined the face of Humbert Humbert in Lolita?

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