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There are heaps of seasonal cheer and a smidgeon of seasonal Scrooginess in 4th Estate’s offerings from the internet this week.


Giving someone a book this Christmas? Get some inspiration for your inscription from, which includes gems like the sarcy ‘Still want a gap year?’ in a copy of Alex Garland’s The Beach, and a personal and enigmatic apology in Kafka’s The Apology, reading: “He isn’t making sandwiches, you know, but I still hope you might like this, even though it’s nothing about sandwiches… Sorry.”


If Christmas 2012 is less about the birth of Christ, and more about the beginning of the Hobbit’s unexpected journey, why not consider a Christmas present to yourself along the lines of these 20 mind-blowing Tolkien inspired tattoos alongside this lovely collector’s edition of The Hobbit?


Wondering what to give the aspiring poet among your friends and family? Check out this inventory of Emily Dickinson’s possessions to see the snoods, spoons and sandglasses given to the notoriously reclusive poet over the course of her life.


“Those incessant scenes that seemed to be almost physically necessary to you, and in which your mind and body grew distorted and you became a thing as terrible to look at as to listen to…”

Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglas

If tidings of comfort and joy  turn to raised voices and carving knives at dawn, head here for break-up letters from literary greats, for consolation and inspiration.

Enjoy more of Wilde’s wordsmithery in this selection of his letters.


Cast off all Scrooge-esque instincts this Christmas and embrace the festive fervour at the recently revamped Charles Dickens museum. Check out the many seasonal happenings going on or browse the gift shop’s wares – this Oliver Twist themed bowl is particularly tempting – from the comfort of your own blazing hearth.

And just because its Christmas, here is one extra treat for you:


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a word is worth 20,000 lights in Maricopa Arizona. Have a look at Kristina Green’s Christmas light show here to see how.

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