Fiction for Women

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It’s cold and dark outside and, as usual, the question   looms: what do you buy your mother, sister, niece or special lady to show her that not only do you care, but that you really ‘get her’? Behold, a list of books for every woman in your life which unlike bath salts, hand creams or cheap jewellery are guaranteed to stay with them forever.

Taking place over one night, I Married You For Happiness lingers over the intimacies, dark secrets and overwhelming joys that form the lives of Nina and Philip, who have been married for a lifetime. You know the family member curled up on the sofa, tearing up and laughing in the same breath at that bittersweet film on TV? This one’s for her.

For fans of Skins, Heart-shaped Bruise and Submarine, Someday Find Me is a shocking and thought-provoking love story. It’s told through the charming, funny and anguished voices of Saffy and Fitz, and confronts the difficulty of finding your way when you don’t yet know who you really are. Perfect for teenage sisters, or the young love in your own life.

The original erotic sensations and still the best, The Bride Stripped Bare and With My Body are the books to buy for Fifty Shades fans this Christmas. These page-turners are consistently bold and passionate and feature women who dare to explore their deepest desires and discover what they really want.

In A Perfectly Good Man, Patrick Gale returns to the rugged Cornish landscape that was the backdrop to the much-loved Notes from an Exhibition. This new novel lays bare the lives and the thoughts of a whole community and examines what it means to be truly good. It was chosen for this summer’s Richard and Judy Book Club, with Judy promising, ‘it will stay with you like a prayer – profound, simple, and timeless.’

From the author of The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan’s The Kitchen God’s Wife takes us to Shanghai in the 1920s, through World War II, and the harrowing events that led to the main character’s, Winnie’s, arrival in America in 1949. This book is for everyone who loves a thoroughly well spun yarn which combines tragedy and survival, and the enduring qualities of hope, love and friendship.

Meet Margo Crane – a female Huckleberry Finn, a teenage Scout Finch – as she single-handedly embarks on a daring journey through the American wilderness with nothing but raw courage, and her rifle.  Once Upon a River will enthral fans of The Hunger Games, True Grit and Winter’s Bone and is perfect for the all the gutsy girls in your life.

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