Five from 4th Estate

Here are the five online things that are essential reading, watching and sharing this week. Chosen for you by us at 4th Estate.

The Moby Dick Big Read is Philip Hoare’s leviathan challenge. He’s taken Moby Dick, the great unread American novel, and is enlisting well-known voices to read it out chapter by chapter and artists to illustrate the passages. With performances from Tilda Swinton, David Cameron and Will Self, tube journeys will never be the same again.

Sing along with all your favourite American feminists in this video recorded to encourage women to vote in the US presidential election. Watch as young women as diverse as Lena Dunham, Karen Elson and Miranda July sing Leslie Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’ with a passion that was surely responsible for Obama’s re-election.



In honour of Hurricane Sandy, N+1  have reposted this essay from Chad Harbach on the post-catastrophic novel.  In ‘The End, The End, The End’, Harbach investigates and is frustrated by many of the post-apocalyptic novels offered by writers today.



On Secret Self-Help: in this short blog piece the author Sheila Heti picks the books that have helped her, however unintentionally. By doing so she hopes to  confront the unfashionable genre of self-help books with, she argues, the aim of all authors: to write with the hope of helping readers and themselves.


‘It’s one of the worst TV shows ever made, and I seriously do not mean that as an insult.’ Even if you won’t admit it, we’ve all seen One Tree Hill. Now meet the homeowner who cowered upstairs while a camera crew filmed in ‘Peyton’s house’, his house. ‘Peyton’s Place’ is taken from John Jeremiah Sullivan’s excellent book of essays, Pulphead.


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