Five from 4th Estate

• Nov 16, 2012 • Tags: , , , ,

To celebrate the start of your weekend, here are five online things we’ve been reading and listening to this week. A selection of the best from the web, chosen by us for you.

‘I look the way a depressed person looks, if one were not trying to look that way.’ Raymond Carver opens up his heart and mind in his very own OkCupid profile.



A riverboat moored on the top of a building, next to the River Thames. Inside it, authors complete residencies and record podcasts based on their very unusual surroundings, while musicians perform from within it. Go visit A Room for London now.

Based on interviews of leading journalists conducted by leading journalists, this play investigates the crisis in print media today. First performed in empty office blocks in Glasgow and London, Enquirer has now been adapted for radio. Tune in to hear anecdotes, facts and passionate opinion from the front line of the newspaper industry.


It’s not quite here yet, but we’re already stocking up on our blankets and mulled wine in preparation for its arrival. In this audio interview for Prospero, Adam Gopnick ushers in the chilly winter period and discusses the aesthetics of the season of winter.


In this post from Letters of Note, President Obama replies to ten-year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh who seeks advice on how to deal with her classmates teasing her about her two dads, who love each other. Yes we were impressed by Obama’s response, but we liked Sophia’s letter even more. Here is a writer who shows real promise.

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