The Wait Is Over! Alan Garner rounds off his Weirdstone of Brisingamen trilogy

• Aug 24, 2012 • Tags: ,

By Ankita Saxena.

Concluding the trilogy which began over half a century ago in The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, the multi-award winning fantasy author Alan Garner returns with Boneland, the crowning achievement of an astonishing career. Out on the 30th August, it certainly promises to be worth the wait.

Immerse yourself once again this mysterious and magical world as Professor Colin Whisterfield, the Watcher and the Therapist battle against time and memory, searching for lost Susan in the Pleiades and the woman responsible for keeping the sky above the Earth and the stars flying.

The Guardian says that Garner ‘has never been just a children’s writer: he’s far richer, odder and deeper than that,’ and Sarah Kingsford from the Express says: ‘This is a novel for all the children who loved The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, but who have now grown up.’ Philip Pullman’s verdict? Garner is simply ‘better than Tolkien’.

So whether you remember the days of the caves of Fundindelve and the Eve of Gomrath, or whether you simply want to read a stunning masterpiece by the man who influenced many modern fantasy writers, pre-order Boneland today so you don’t miss out.

Colin stood. ‘Young man. Do not go into the witch’s house. Do not. And whatever you do, do not go upstairs. You must not go upstairs. Do not go! You are not to go!’

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