Early reviews for ‘What to Eat’ by Joanna Blythman

Publishing next month, we have already received some wonderful praise for Joanna Blythman’s new book, ‘What to Eat: Food that’s good for your health, pocket and plate‘.

‘Joanna Blythman has one of the sanest food heads in the Western World – and this brilliant book encapsulates her admirably clear thinking in a wonderfully accessible, entertaining way. Everyone who cares what they eat and how they feed their family – that’s all of us, right? – should read it.’ Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

‘A rare book, practical, sensible, and passionate. Joanna Blythman writes with clarity, sanity and humanity. Anyone interested in food and cooking should read it.’ Matthew Fort

‘A succinct and badly needed encyclopaedia of facts and common sense on food and nutrition for which I am truly grateful. The introduction alone is worth the price of the book.’ Darina Allen

Matthew Fort has written about the book on his blog Fort on Food and The Foodie Bugle have called the book ‘intelligent and insightful’ and think it should be on the National Curriculum!

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