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Art Director Julian Humphries talks about the design approach to the Freedom paperback cover and shows us some versions that didn’t make the final cut

We always knew the design needed to be simple and iconic so decided to play around with the idea of the end scene of the book or the icon of a bird as the central design theme.

Jo Walker came up with the idea of the birds escaping the house to form the word Freedom in the title. The cerulean blue comes from the type of the bird in the novel that is under threat, the orange came from the colour of someone’s bag in the office (but is also a complementary colour to the blue) giving a nice contrast to the two covers.

The whole design is cleverly pulled together by the adding of a large area of black in the shape of a gently curling feather silhouette – giving real stand-out both in the digital and physical arena.

A considerable number of jackets were drawn up as part of the design process – below is just a very small selection of those that weren’t picked.



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