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Hello lovely readers and welcome back to! Because I am a kind and benevolent website editor, I am giving away some more books.

As it’s Jonathan Franzen season on the website (to celebrate the upcoming release of Freedom in paperback) I’m going to give one lucky winner one copy of each of Jonathan’s books. So that’s a paperback copy of: The Discomfort Zone, The Twenty-Seventh City, How to be Alone, Strong Motion, The Corrections and Freedom

But wait – what’s that? Yes, the yellow book in the picture? Well, that would be a limited edition hardback of The Corrections we produced for our 25th birthday celebrations in 2009. And yes, I’m throwing one of those in too. See, kind benevolence.

Now, I’m an English grad, so obviously my maths is appalling, but I think I can say with some degree of certainty that all those books are worth a fair bit of cash!

To enter, email before 3pm of Friday August 26th with your name, address and answer to the following question:

Q: “What is the title of Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel?”

And if you can’t answer that, well, you definitely ‘ain’t winning.

Good luck

Sam Shone, August 2011.

Ps: UK and Ireland only and we won’t use your details for marketing purposes. Or give them to other people for marketing purposes. Unless they’re marketing cheese. Because we like cheese and we think you do too.

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