The novel of the year – in paperback!

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One year on and after more column inches than I could ever hope to count, 4th Estate are publishing Jonathan Franzen’s critically acclaimed ‘Freedom’ in paperback.

Actually, without wanting to blow our own trumpet too much, critically acclaimed doesn’t quite cover it. The praise for ‘Freedom’ was off the scale. On the review pages, on amazon, on twitter, in bookstores – everywhere you went last autumn someone was talking about this fantastic novel.

We waited ten years for this book and fans of Franzen and ‘The Corrections’ will not be disappointed.

I could go on about it until the cows come home but I work for the publisher so I’m bound to say all this stuff, aren’t I? Well, yes but that doesn’t make it any less true. Have a look for yourself and read the extract below.

‘Freedom’, by Jonathan Franzen, will be published in paperback – one orange and one blue paperback – on the first of September.

Make sure you stop by throughout September for more articles by Jonathan Franzen, interviews and news about his international tour dates.

Take a look at this animation showcasing some of the amazing quotes Freedom has received. 

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