The Innocent Cookbook, ‘Hungry?’: They’re more than just smoothies these days

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Innocent branch out from smoothie recipes to bring you great, healthy food that the whole family can enjoy and the kids can help to make too.

The new innocent recipe book, Hungry?, is all about cooking for the family and getting the kids involved in the kitchen. The guys over at innocent know that a great way to get kids eating good food is to get them mucking in to make it.

Here’s what the team at innocent had to say:

“Here at innocent, we’ve been making stuff that tastes good and does you good for more than ten years now
Since we started making smoothies in 1999, we’re a bit older, wiser and (in some cases) beardier. We’ve had lots more ideas, employed lots more people and some of us have even had babies. Which is sort of where the idea for this book came from.

Having written a couple of smoothie recipe books in the past, when it came to finding a cook book to feed our families in a quick, tasty, nutritious way we were surprised to find that there didn’t seem to be any out there.

So we decided to write our own.”

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