Our Top Ten Favourite Food Blogs

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Top 10 Food Blogs

Fourth Estate has a great history of publishing food writing and cookery books and we have just published the wonderful Hungry? by Innocent.

One of the best things about running our twitter feed is that I get to talk to some amazing food bloggers. Here are my top 10 food bloggers to follow.

10. www.Pinchofsaltlondon.com

The blog of journalist Katy Salter, ‘Pinch of Salt’ had recipes, restaurant and cafe reviews (Katy is an East Londoner like me and has introduced me to some great little cafes. Check out Allpress Espresso if you’re ever in Shoreditch http://uk.allpressespresso.com). Katy also has a great ‘Friday Find’ feature flagging up great kitchen products, from tea-towels to robot cupcake moulds.

9.  http://www.danlepard.com/

Fourth Estate author and artisan baker, Dan Lepard’s website has recipes, reviews, news and even a jobs section for bakery jobs around the world. It’s not just bread recipes either, there are cakes, jams, pickles and chutneys. Dan’s Seville orange marmalade is what goes on my toast every morning.

8. http://rosiesdelicafe.blogspot.com/

Another Fourth Estate author, Rosie Lovell runs a lovely little deli and cafe in Brixton. This is fun, decadent and warming food for all levels of experience. I can’t recommend her quail’s egg and pancetta tart enough. This is what I make when my friend Charlie comes to visit from Devon and we’ve, erm, ‘over-indulged’ the night before. Check out the video for the recipe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO_0F2t85yQ

7. http://www.guardian.co.uk/theobserver/foodmonthly

How can we possibly talk about food sites and not have the Observer Food Monthly? A weekly bible for foodies, you’ll find recipes from top chefs including our own Nigel Slater.

6. http://marmitelover.blogspot.com

A wonderful cook whose blog has encouraged me to experiment with salt blocks and curing. She also runs The Underground Restaurant, which I have shockingly not attended yet. London Underground also tried to stop her using the word ‘underground’ and Warner Bros. stopped her from having a ‘Harry Potter’ themed evening. Seriously.

5.  http://thegraphicfoodie.blogspot.com/

A great food blog! There are restaurant and cafe reviews (Brighton based), recipes (I’m dying to try and make beef and truffle ravioli!). What makes Graphic Foodie a little different is that she is also a graphic designer and blogs a lot about food design. Beautiful and tasty.

4. http://OliverThring.com

Oliver is a food and travel writer, most often for the Guardian. His website is a collection of his writing from all over including his weekly ‘Consider the…’ pieces in the Guardian and weekly round-up of nation-wide restaurant reviews. The ‘consider’ articles are my favourite, sumptuous histories of various foodstuffs rather than recipes – they are delicious to read just for his wonderful writing.

3. http://signejohansen.com/

You might know Signe from her twitter name @scandilicious. There is a lot of Scandinavian influenced cooking here but not exclusively. Try her Chocolate Beetroot cake (honestly, chocolate baking with beetroot is amazing – makes the cakes really moist and gooey). Her first book, Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking, was published earlier this year by Saltyard Books .

2. http://gastrogeek.wordpress.com/

Another East London local, GastroGeek serves up recipes from all over the world – Persian, Japanese, Indian, Sardinian – it’s a great place for inspiration. She also reviews an amazingly high number of restaurants (she must eat out a lot – lucky girl). I’ve just been looking at her blog again to write this and now my tummy is making inappropriate noises for work. People are staring.

1. http://www.asliceofcherrypie.com

The number one slot simply had to go to Julia Parsons, founder of the UK Food Bloggers Association. On ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ you’ll not only get Julia’s own tasty recipes, but she will likely introduce you to many more food bloggers, as she did me. She should have a medal. Her first solo cook book ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ is published by Absolute Books.


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