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  • Joanna Blythman’s Blog: Daylight Robbery

    • Jan 18, 2012 • Tags: ,

    When it comes to fruit and vegetable consumption, Britain comes near the bottom of the league, ranking 14th out of 19 countries in a review of eating habits.

    According to the not-for-profit European Food Information Council, we typically eat about 258 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, that’s about two-thirds of the EU average.

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  • Joanna Blythman’s blog: Palestinian photographer censored

    • Dec 20, 2011 • Tags:

    Until last week, the talented, internationally recognised Palestinian photographer, Larissa Sansour, was one of eight hopeful artists shortlisted for the 2012 €25,000 Lacoste Elysée Prize, awarded by the Swiss Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland. Now the eponymous fashion label sponsor has stepped in and demanded that her nomination be revoked because her work is ‘too pro-Palestinian’. Read more…

  • Joanna Blythman’s Blog: What’s lurking in your Christmas Pudding?

    • Dec 8, 2011 • Tags:

    Apologies in advance for disturbing the cordiality of the festive season, but beware the ingredients in your shop-bought Christmas cake.

    Not just those tooth-cracking, ‘edible’ silver ball decorations either, it’s the long list of weird and distinctly un-wonderful industrial ingredients that turn up in yuletide cakes, puddings, mincemeat pies. I’m talking delights such as ‘gluten-free breadcrumbs’, with their secondary ingredients list of water, potato starch, maize, vegetable oil, guar gum, methylcellulose, salt, plus  a dash of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

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  • Joanna Blythman’s Blog: Food v Film? No Contest

    • Dec 8, 2011 • Tags:

    OK, I probably think about food more than 99 per cent of the population, but some other things are sacred, and film is one of them.

    The Odeon at Whiteleys shopping centre in London’s Queensway is opening a cinema called The Lounge that gives customers the option of ordering and eating a meal while watching a film. Critic Mark Lawson got it absolutely right when he branded the proposed mix of film and food “a noxious combination”. His concern is about smells and sounds of mastication and digestion. My objection is that when you team up a film and food, neither gets the attention they merit.

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