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  • Cover Reveal: Made at Home by Giorgio Locatelli


    From Tuscan tomato and bread soup to monkfish stew, simple spaghettis or lemon and pistachio polenta cake, Made at Home is a colourful collection of the food that Giorgio Locatelli loves to prepare for family and friends.

    With recipes that reflect the places he calls home, from Northern Italy to North London or the holiday house he and his wife Plaxy have found in Puglia, Made at Home is a celebration of favourite vegetables combined in vibrant salads or fresh seasonal stews, along with generous fish and meat dishes and cakes to share. Early every evening, Giorgio’s ‘other family’, the chefs and front of house staff at his restaurant, Locanda Locatelli, sit down together to eat, and Giorgio reveals the recipes for their best-loved meals, the Tuesday ‘Italian’ Burger and the Saturday Pizza.

    Giorgio Locatelli is also a judge on BBC Two’s brand new competitive food show The Big Family Cooking Showdown, alongside chef  Rosemary Shrager. They will judge and crown the nation’s best family of cooks. The show will be presented by Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain and TV presenter Zoe Ball.

    Made At Home is out on the 7th September and you can pre-order it now.

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    • Food From 4th: Sardinas fritas con pipirrana (Pan-fried sardines with pipirrana)

      Sardinas fritas con pipirrana

      (Pan-fried sardines with pipirrana)

      Pipirrana is a refreshing combination of tomatoes, onions, peppers and hard-boiled eggs which balances out the stronger flavour of the pan-fried sardines very well.

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    • Food From 4th: Green spears – Glossy mash by Nigel Slater

      • May 30, 2017 • Tags: , , , , ,

      May 28

      A pile of mash, so loose and silky it is on the verge of becoming a puree. The season’s asparagus, grilled and glistening with olive oil. The bright notes of lemon zest.Nigel Slater

      A treat today, but something I could happily eat all sunmer long. By the way, I use Maris Pipers for this very soft mash, but a waxy-fleshed potato such as Charlotte would be good too; unorthodox, but capable of giving an even smoother, more velvety mash.

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    • Food From 4th: A gutsy toast by Nigel Slater

      • Apr 25, 2017 • Tags: , , , ,

      April 25

      Nigel SlaterI need something to quell my avocado-toast habit. That moment when I take an avocado, skin, stone and smash it, stir in a little olive oil, coriander and salt, then slather it on toasted sourdough. Nothing wrong with that, other than the regularity with which it replaces lunch or even dinner.

      I need something less soft and green, something with a heart, soul and balls. So today, I toast a thin slice of sourdough over which I pour olive oil, then add ‘nduja, the spreadable, spiced Italian sausage available from supermarkets and Italian grocery shops. Put it back under the grill, I then calm its chilli heat down with a thick slice of soft, chalky white goat’s curd.

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    • Brindisa recipe for Mother’s Day

      Menestra de verduras often served in littles bowls in fashionable Madrid bars, but probabaly the best I have ever had was made for me by Raul Domingo, when I stayed with him and his family in the city. Raul is a history lecturer, his wife, Carmen, a photographer, lecturer and archivist, and their student daughter Livia is a jazz and classical violinist. The shelves of their home groan with incredible books and the walls are covered in extraordinary paintings, and when it comes to food, Raul is in charge of the kitchen and his cooking is excellent. While I was writing up recipe notes he brought me a Madrid tapa of fine crisps and escabeche mussels (see page 111) and then a little bowlful of this light, delicious, nutritious menestra.

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    • A very hygge Thanksgiving | Part 2: Nordic morning bowls recipe

      Read A very hygge Thanksgiving Part 1’s recipe here.

      Though hygge is technically Danish in origin, these Nordic morning bowls will bring cosiness, calm and comfort in the darker days to come. How can you work this into your Thanksgiving plans? Don’t worry, we’re not insisting you serve this along side your grandmother’s lengendary cranberry sauce. This glorious spin on porridge would be a great way to start Thanksgiving day. Get in something warming and filling that will power you through the morning (or until 3pm when the feasting commences).

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    • A very hygge Thanksgiving | Part 1: Basic Bread recipe

      In honour of our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we think everyone could use a little hygge time to hit refresh. So dust those counter tops. It’s time to make a little mess in the kitchen and summon a little inspiration for the festive season ahead. Read more…

    • Food From 4th: Linguine with chilli, parsley and garlic

      • Apr 15, 2016 • Tags: , , , ,


      It might not be summer yet, but there is a reason that this week’s #FoodFrom4th is a summer recipe. We’ve been hearing that that this weekend is going to be ‘a bit warm, but at some points cold, and it will rain’, so we thought that we’d give you a recipe that is comforting as it is fresh, and is guaranteed to warm you up. Enjoy! Read more…