You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

Alexandra Kleeman

A woman known only as A lives with her roommate B, who seems to be becoming more and more like her. A’s boyfriend, C, comes over frequently to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Their favourites are the reality TV show ‘That’s My Partner!’, in which couples attempt to identify their partner from a line of decoys, and the adverts for Kandy Kakes, which feature the colourful exploits of a cartoon character called ‘Kandy Kat’.

Out in the real world, away from the glow of the TV, fathers have been disappearing from comfortable, middle-class families. Then across the street from A’s house, a whole family up and leave one morning, covered in sheets, with holes cut out for the eyes…

Reviews of You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine

  • ‘Excellent. The female body: What to do with it? You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine is a story about realizing you’re hungry and trying to find out what for’ Slate

    ‘No one has ever written about having a body the way Alexandra Kleeman does … she writes like a gonzo journalist embedded in skin, discovering things like hair and saliva and eyeballs for the very first time’ NPR

    ‘Alexandra Kleeman is one of the sharpest and smartest young writers I’ve read – ambitious, promising, brilliant. She can be strange and very funny as well, and when I read her work I have the strong suspicion that I’m reading the literature of the future’ Ben Marcus
    ‘In a captivating, insightful voice full of gorgeous perversity, Kleeman dissolves corporeality and explores the visceral compromise of being in love or simply alive’ Catherine Lacey

    ‘Kleeman’s story is not really like any other, but could be described as a blend of the nightmarish disassociation of DeLillo’s White Noise and the phantasmagoria of Bergman’s Persona’ Publisher’s Weekly

    ‘Like watching a body horror film, the experience of reading this book disassembles the familiar and makes everything new and strange. You might never eat another orange’ Emily Gould, author of Friendship